Lanarkshire Complimentary Therapy Clinic. Tel: 07561014734  email 

Welcome to the Cerato Centre

The shop is located at 169 Main Street, Wishaw in Lanarkshire. Short term parking is available on some bays on the main street. Parking areas are at the back of the car park on Belhaven Terrace - entry is through the exit side due to current road works in the town centre. There are also two car parks available in Hill Street.

Available bodywork therapies include the Bowen technique, remedial and sports massage and Reiki treatments. It is safer to book an appointment than just call in as at times we are unable to leave a client we are with. Should you arrive for an appointment and there's a sign on the door saying "Treatment in Progress", please come in and have a seat in the small reception area at the window. Appointments can be arranged by calling and text.

There have been some additions from 2014 which has brought about a sister website. For healing at a soul level or assistance with your ascension path, we offer:

  • Reiki Classes
  • Bach Remedy Consultations
  • Theta healing
  • Sacred Activations
  • Diamond Light Grid insight 
  • Hypnotherapy & NLP

For more details see our sister website 

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